Get organised with colour-coded tags in Zotero

by Catherine Pope on July 22, 2014

Many researchers quickly pick up the basics of Zotero, but sometimes they miss some of the really useful features. Tags – a very effective way of categorising and filtering your items with keywords – become even more helpful when you colour-code them.

For instance, you might have a ‘tbr’ (to be read) tag and want to quickly see what’s outstanding on your reading list. Right-click (command-click on Mac) the tag in the Tag Selector and choose Assign Color.

Tag selector in Zotero

Now you can choose a colour from the palette.

Choose tag color in Zotero

The tag is also assigned a number, which becomes a keyboard shortcut for adding it to one of your items. In this case, pressing 1 adds the ‘tbr’ tag to the highlighted item.

I also use a green-coloured tag called ‘borrow’ so I can quickly display all the books I need to borrow from the library.

Any items with coloured tags assigned to them are flagged with a matching blob in the middle column. It’s then easy to see at a glance anything you need to borrow or read.

Tag blob in Zotero

This is a really simple feature, but it’s one of the reasons why I love Zotero.

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